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Internet Styleguide


You can customize the Internet Styleguide by changing the page layout, colors, or text size. These properties are controlled by stylesheets, and for text size, also by your browser.

Stylesheet Selections

Note: Your browser has limited support for CSS. As a result, you will not see any effect from changing the stylesheet.

Step 1. Select a page layout:

Menu on right
Menu at top
Minimal styling

Step 2. Select a color scheme:

Black & White

Step 3. Select a base text-size:

12 14 16 18 20 Default

No small print

Step 4. Leave unchecked to only preview the style. Check to maintain your preference throughout the styleguide.

Use this style throughout the site (places a cookie)

Step 5. Make the change:

Browser-based Changes

Current browsers let you adjust the text size or select alternate stylesheets.

Recent versions of Internet Explorer have a Text Size option under View. Opera calls this feature Zoom and also locates it on the View menu. Opera's zoom affects everything on the page, not only the text.

Newer browsers also allow user style sheets. This gives you some control over text, colors, and most other elements of a Web page. In current versions of Internet Explorer, user style sheet options are on the Accessibility menu under Tools: Internet Options.